Time to get seed started.

God Bless America

God Bless America
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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Slide Show

Cherokee Sweets Planted

Well, I did get a few photos of the just planted Onions. We call ours Cherokee Sweets.
(1) They are grown in Cherokee Co. Texas
(2) And they are Sweet.
So here is the latest photo. I am having one heck of a time trying to post click-able photos.
Just hang with me and I will get it sometime soon. (maybe)
Well I Did It
You can now click on the photos to see them in there true form (larger)
Thanks to a very good Internet friend for helping me. Thanks BirdGirl.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Onion Plants arrived

We received our onion plants Monday. Really nice plants. I think they were dug one day and we had them the next. The roots were not even dried out.
We started planting Tuesday morning, (with a short crew) only three people. But did almost finish. Planted all but three box's, but planted them Wednesday morning. Finished by 10:00 am.
I made the rows so they are a little crooked. But hey, you can plant more in a crooked row. So I have been told. Anyway all looks great. And guess what it rained Wednesday night, now how cool is that. I will wait to see a few new true leaves then will fertilize with some ammonia nitrate
We grow sweet onions so cant have any sulfur, sulfur makes them hot.
I took some photos with my cell phone, but they look like crap. I will take some better ones and post them later.
I have ordered all other seed and have received most of them. Only the pea seed from SeedWay has not arrived. I know it is early but if you don't order early you may not get the seed you want.
One of the other thing I noticed this year is the cost of seed has increased greatly.
Believe it or not the onion plants were cheaper this year for some reason and were better plants. (I be counting my blessings)
Had to order tractor fuel today, this is off road diesel $2.87.9 per. gallon. Boy I hate it when that happens. Later ya'll

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Onion Plants Ordered

Well, I ordered the onion plants yesterday. 10 boxes = 36000 onion plants. Not quite what we planted last year.
The field is all ready, just need to make the beds. Won't be doing that until the day we plant. Plants should be here in about 2 weeks. Planting crew all lined up and waiting for a call. I do think all will go smooth. Of course one can't control the weather. Maybe I should post a photo of last years crop. Just to give an idea of what we are doing. Besides I like to look at them myself.
Tractor work
We have been servicing the equipment, have one older tractor we are putting new brakes on. (we really have several older tractors) And a couple of newer ones. Maybe someday soon I will post some photos of them. Anyway most of you know the drill, new filters, oil, grease check nuts and bolts and stuff.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Its Raining

Friday after Thanksgiving, plowed some fields, planted some cover crops.
And it Rained Saturday. Now how cool is that. Not a down pour mind you, but a slow soaking rain. And looks like it might do it again today.
Don't we have lots to be thankful for, I know I do.
Although the weather is cold it is not freezing (yet) at least not every day.
Different subject: Yea, I know I think too much, I call it mind wondering.
OK its raining we have two deer legs, (what to do) Sausage. My Son came over and we made sausage (pan type) didn't feel like making links. So we have these deer legs, remove meat from bones, grind. Sure looks lean, but just happen to have a pork butt in the cooler. It is ground and added to the deer meat, spices added and mixed. At this point you gotta try some, we decide it needs more sage and pepper flakes. With the added ingredients it is really good. Packed into one pound packages ready for freezer. Now that was what I call fun work.
Don't think of a rainbow, Think of it as a SunBow.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Its Over

Well frost has finally frozen. We had a killing frost the other night. Of course it killed all the rest of the Chile plants.
We did have a wonderful harvest this year, for which I am very grateful. It is now time to plant for the coming year. We have already started working the onion ground. Hope to plant the last of December.
Planing how to manage the grass in our fields, I am in hopes that we can master that (we will) somehow make it better.
We have been looking at some of the specialty crops that might be more profitable. Like Asian vegetables, and some of the different type of Chiles.
Not being a large grower i think you have to look harder.
We need rain, but in the mean time I do wish the new seed catalogs would come. I really like to see what is going to be new for the coming year. For some reason some of the seed company's don't send catalogs until after planting time.(duh) I hope every one has a wonderful and Merry Christmas. More later Bill

Friday, October 26, 2007

Cooler Weather

It is about that time of year, yep weather is getting cooler. Thats OK I am getting kinda tired anyway. now I can work at my own pace (which is kinda slow) I haven't been to the farm this morning but here at the house in town the temp was 34 Deg. with some frost on the neighbors roof.
We have still been harvesting Habanero Chiles, I would like to harvest a few more before freezing weather. The field for the onion plants is almost ready. Onions will be planted in December hoping to have a nice spring crop. We sell a lot with green tops, bunched.
I deleted some post that no longer were relevant to what is happening at the moment. Just don't want Blog to get too large so that it loads slow.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Season This Year

So far all in all this has been a good season. You know some good, some really good, and some not so good.
We don't have any bad days, some are just better than others. Any day I get up in the morning is gonna be a good one.
Back to the crops. They are for the most part just over, We are still picking some Habanero Chiles. But not many, just enough to pay to pick them.
Now is the time of year to do all the projects that you had no time for during harvest. Like repair work and getting ready for spring. We were going to plant some elbon rye seed but can't afford to buy it this year, so will plant just plain ol rye grass. Not as good but better than nothing. We started mowing down some of the crops and lots of grass today. Time to get ready to plant onions. They will need to be planted in December. Later Guys ( I need some time to take some photos)