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God Bless America
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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Its Winter Time "inspired"

It winter time in Texas. So as you might expect there is nothing growing in the garden just yet. So I have been doing other things to keep me busy. I just finished making Chile Sauce. Have never made my own before. But I do cook almost every day. And when making "Enchiladas" I have always used the canned sauce. I am sure I have tried most of the store bought sauces. (not good). So to the net I went looking for the just right recipe and found one that sounded so good. I was Inspired to make my own  after visiting this site. http://www.mexicoinmykitchen.com/ If you love Mexican food as well as I do you need to check out this site. You gonna like it.
 I didn't have the dried Chiles so had to buy them at our local Mexican market. I really enjoy going to there store. Bought 1 1/2 pounds of dried Chile's. And Its the only store we have with a real meat market. If you have a local Mexican store go there, you will be pleased you did. Bill Chilefarmer

Chile Sauce, 11 Pints of the good stuff: 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Forward on to next year.

Looks like our growing season is coming to a close. Just have a couple tomato plants hanging on. Our chiles have also about quit. Ok, by me I am kinda tired anyway. I haven't found any new chiles to grow for the coming year. So if anybody has any thoughts on something weird or different I am interested.
 We are looking like rain for tonight, I am happy been one dry summer. Thanks for viewing my blog. Bill

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Padron Chiles in the UK

Martin thanks for the update on your chiles.
 Martin being in the UK, and growing the Padron Chile has been interesting for to me.
Me being in Texas and Martin in the Uk our climate are completely different.
Just for the readers of this blog, Martin is an internet friend I met on this blog. He and his wife travel to the
Galicia region of Spain often, this is where the Padron Chile is most famous. So any information is welcome.
Martin says that his Chiles in the UK are doing quite well and taste as good as those from Spain.
Not ever tasted the Spain Chiles for myself I don't know how mine compare.
 I can tell you for sure the weather here in Texas has turned off super hot and dry, most days being over 100 deg. Even the small green Chiles are hot. Let me just finish by saying, if you haven tried this Chile you are missing out on some good eats. Thanks y'all Bill

Speaking of good eats you might enjoy my new blog here:


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New Twist on the Pimento de Padron

This has been an ongoing process for me.
 Frying the Pimento de Padron in the traditional way is a wonderful way to eat this chile. But I have grown way more than I can eat. Some have gotten quite large and  turned red and hot. So I says what to do, lets dry some and make use of them some how.
 I did just that, as in my last post you can see that I did dry and smoke them. But now have made chile flakes, they really good sprinkled on most everything. I will be using them when making sausage as I do like spicy sausage. This has been one fun Chile and good eats.

Pimento de Padron Chile Flakes:

Friday, July 12, 2013

Padron Chile Update

This I do believe is the most interesting Chile I have grown in a long time.

 Martin Thanks for your comment, Sure hope your plants are doing well.

I have harvested so many of these Chile's I don't know what to do with them all. well not really. But sure have found that we like them a lot, so have been eating them most every meal. And just like I have heard when older some are very hot. This is true, frying in oil small ones are super tasty.
 I have left some on the plants to ripen, they turn a brite red. I have smoked some and dried them. Going to make Chile flakes out of them. these I will use when making sausage. Here are a couple photos .

Red Ripe Padron chiles:
Smoked with Pecan Wood: