Time to get seed started.

God Bless America

God Bless America
If you don't think so, maybe you should leave

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Raining in our part of the world

Yep, finally received a good rain. Got 4" this last weed end. Our farm pond is almost full, it holds 14 acre feet of water. Course it dried up this last summer, so all the fish are gone. First time it has ever dried up in 30 years. I hope we never see another drought like this last summer.
 I have been out walking in the woods, just looking around. Some of the trees are budding out, but I am shocked at how many oaks have died.
 I have the garden area tilled, hope to plant a few things soon. Still might get a cold spell, so I am waiting until around April 15th to plant. My little Chile plants are almost ready for there new home. (in the garden). later Bill

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Is it Time yet?

Is it time yet, I am so looking forward to planting my garden. Got little Chile plants growing all over the house. Wife will be super pleased when they are all outside. (me to) I am still thinking we might get a cold spell. I do however have my ground all tilled and ready to plant. Having the soil checked, I think I may need some lime this year. Our soil is pretty acid, so need to keep a check on it.
 Most Chiles like a PH of about 6.5 well drained soil. I have neither, sure makes for interesting growing.
 I have been drying and grinding my harvest of Chiles. I like the powder for table use as well as for cooking. Fresh Chiles will freeze in vacuum bags pretty well. I use those in soups and stew type cooking.
 We also will plant plenty of tomatoes. I have one this year given to me by a friend. It comes from somewhere in South America. supposed to be from the first native tomato plant. They are very small, not much larger than a pea maybe 3/8"-1/2" dia. But the taste is like a tomato is supposed to taste. (really good) Happy growing Y'all Bill