Time to get seed started.

God Bless America

God Bless America
If you don't think so, maybe you should leave

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

No Photos Yet

I know, I know I promised some photos of the new onion crop. But with all the activity around our house these last few weeks, just haven't gotten there yet. First we had Thanksgiving, then we celebrated Jesus Birthday (Christmas) And then I had a Birthday. Not to even think about the cold and wet weather, you know what I mean dark and Drury kind of weather. Anyway I just haven't done it yet. But I will.
I wish all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! I think we gonna need it. Don't forget those Blackeyed Peas for luck, and some cabbage would not hurt.

Monday, December 8, 2008

We Did It !!!!!

We got all the onions planted, and rain coming tonight. Now you tell me, how blessed can one get.
I do hope it is a slow gentle rain and not one of our famous down pours. I did take a few photos. So here they are. In a few days when the plants start to grow I will get photos of them.This is my Son, tilling plant residue and cover crop.

And this is yours truly, plowing rows for the onions and being cold.

This is the girls planting the onions, they are so good and super fast.

This next photo was taken this morning just before I left for the farm. I think it is just too wonderful not to post for all to see.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Onward Through The Fog

Thanksgiving day is now over but giving thanks is not. Be Thankful each day.
Christmas in looming near. I am happy to be part of Christ Birthday.
Our weather has turned cold and wet, but is still mild compared to you Northern folks.
But now is the time to plant onions in our area. I picked up the plants yesterday Approx. 29,400 plants. Not a lot but about what we plant most years. These are the Texas Sweet Onions. Really good and mild, you know fresh eating onions. Not those Strong make you cry type. Any way the field is ready to plant, so my son and I will be making rows and planting in the morning. I have 3 girls that plant each year for us. They are real fast and make no mistakes.
I really hope we can finish before rain starts in. Weather man says rain is possible. I will post a photo after we finish planting. Although when first planted they are hard to see, onion plants are small and have no tops.