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God Bless America
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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New Twist on the Pimento de Padron

This has been an ongoing process for me.
 Frying the Pimento de Padron in the traditional way is a wonderful way to eat this chile. But I have grown way more than I can eat. Some have gotten quite large and  turned red and hot. So I says what to do, lets dry some and make use of them some how.
 I did just that, as in my last post you can see that I did dry and smoke them. But now have made chile flakes, they really good sprinkled on most everything. I will be using them when making sausage as I do like spicy sausage. This has been one fun Chile and good eats.

Pimento de Padron Chile Flakes:

Friday, July 12, 2013

Padron Chile Update

This I do believe is the most interesting Chile I have grown in a long time.

 Martin Thanks for your comment, Sure hope your plants are doing well.

I have harvested so many of these Chile's I don't know what to do with them all. well not really. But sure have found that we like them a lot, so have been eating them most every meal. And just like I have heard when older some are very hot. This is true, frying in oil small ones are super tasty.
 I have left some on the plants to ripen, they turn a brite red. I have smoked some and dried them. Going to make Chile flakes out of them. these I will use when making sausage. Here are a couple photos .

Red Ripe Padron chiles:
Smoked with Pecan Wood: