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God Bless America
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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New Twist on the Pimento de Padron

This has been an ongoing process for me.
 Frying the Pimento de Padron in the traditional way is a wonderful way to eat this chile. But I have grown way more than I can eat. Some have gotten quite large and  turned red and hot. So I says what to do, lets dry some and make use of them some how.
 I did just that, as in my last post you can see that I did dry and smoke them. But now have made chile flakes, they really good sprinkled on most everything. I will be using them when making sausage as I do like spicy sausage. This has been one fun Chile and good eats.

Pimento de Padron Chile Flakes:


Teresa Schoellkopf said...

Cool! What was your process for smoking them? I've still got dried pepper flakes from a single bush I planted in 2011! Love throwing 'em on my pizza and in my salads!

ChileFarmer said...

Teresa, first off how is your hand doing, you ready for the other one yet? Wishing you a quick and easy healing.
Smoking chiles, I built a smoke house for my bacon sausage and things. Makes it easy, I dried them about half way in the dehydrator then into the smoker with pecan wood. Smoked until dry then ran through the meat grinder.
I use chile flakes in my sausage. And on or in every thing else.
You guys really need to make your own bacon and sausage. It is so much better than store bought. You could do this in your spare time. Yeah, right. Bill
my other blog http://curingandsmoking.blogspot.com/

John said...

Those look really good

Martin said...

Hello Bill, just to let you know that we have been eating the pimientos de Padron for a couple of weeks now and with warmish weather (for the UK) we are picking around 50 peppers every 3 days or so off 14 plants. The taste is exactly like those from Padron - although since I will be in Galicia in less than a fortnight I will make a direct comparison then. It really seems that with these things the more you pick the more they grow. We had about 50 last night and there should be an equal number ready to harvest tomorrow. So far I have not allowed any to go ripe, but when we are on vacation I am sure that will happen. Martin