Time to get seed started.

God Bless America

God Bless America
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Planting Onions

The onion planting has started. We really hope to finish this week. Rain has stopped the planting for now. I am not going to gripe about the rain (much), I know we will be wishing for it soon enough. As most of you know our Texas summers can be really brutal. We have some plants started in the greenhouse, not as many as in the past. Several factors are at play here. The cost of supples, fuel, seed, fertilizer etc. Talking to our buyers they are not willing to pay any more than 2010 prices. They also blame fuel prices. As a small grower I don't see how we can keep on farming for a living. Selling direct to the consumer would might work. The only trouble with that is we live in an area with not many people. I think we all will be growing our own food before long. I feel sorry for folk that live in city's, and haven't a clue as to how grow plants. Does this sound like I am worried? Yeah, I am.
Onion Planting

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A brand New Year

The growing season has not started but is coming soon. I am receiving new seed catalogs almost daily. Sad thing is I am not finding lots of new things. I am talking about Chiles mostly. I still have my favorites but am always on the look out for something different. Guess I could breed my own but wont.
  One Chile that I can't get seed for so far is the Naga Viper Chile This is a new one for sure. Super hot, reported to be 270 times hotter than your average JalapeƱo. Don't get me wrong here, I just want to grow it not eat it. So if anybody sees any of these seed laying around Please let me know (eastexfarms at. hughes.net) I will forever be grateful. I do however have one buyer that makes hot sauce, he is interested in maybe buying the Chiles. Dang, I can't imagine anyone eating this sauce.
 I will be starting some seed here in the next week or two. I don't want to miss spring.
This is not my photo credit given. Happy growing y'all.

                                                   The Naga Viper Chile
                                    photo: wstryder/Flickr