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God Bless America

God Bless America
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Monday, November 19, 2007

Its Over

Well frost has finally frozen. We had a killing frost the other night. Of course it killed all the rest of the Chile plants.
We did have a wonderful harvest this year, for which I am very grateful. It is now time to plant for the coming year. We have already started working the onion ground. Hope to plant the last of December.
Planing how to manage the grass in our fields, I am in hopes that we can master that (we will) somehow make it better.
We have been looking at some of the specialty crops that might be more profitable. Like Asian vegetables, and some of the different type of Chiles.
Not being a large grower i think you have to look harder.
We need rain, but in the mean time I do wish the new seed catalogs would come. I really like to see what is going to be new for the coming year. For some reason some of the seed company's don't send catalogs until after planting time.(duh) I hope every one has a wonderful and Merry Christmas. More later Bill

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Bird Girl said...

Hi Bill -
While you're waiting for the latest seed catalogs -- you'll have some time to get some nature photos!
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas,too...and a bountiful harvest in the coming year!
- Barb