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God Bless America

God Bless America
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Monday, September 24, 2007

Season This Year

So far all in all this has been a good season. You know some good, some really good, and some not so good.
We don't have any bad days, some are just better than others. Any day I get up in the morning is gonna be a good one.
Back to the crops. They are for the most part just over, We are still picking some Habanero Chiles. But not many, just enough to pay to pick them.
Now is the time of year to do all the projects that you had no time for during harvest. Like repair work and getting ready for spring. We were going to plant some elbon rye seed but can't afford to buy it this year, so will plant just plain ol rye grass. Not as good but better than nothing. We started mowing down some of the crops and lots of grass today. Time to get ready to plant onions. They will need to be planted in December. Later Guys ( I need some time to take some photos)


Bird Girl said...

I guess you guys farm all year (not like in PA)Just can't get over how perfect your 'rows' look in the pictures. Do you take those pictures? Very nice. It seems like a 'farmer's work is never done!' ;-)

- Bird Girl

ChileFarmer said...

Bird Girl, thanks for the kind words. We really don't farm all year, but the work never stops just slows down in the winter. I took the photos, hoping to get better.CF
More photos here.