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God Bless America

God Bless America
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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tired of Gloom and Doom

Yeah me to: I started out trying to joke about how hot and dry it is in Texas.
 But let me tell you it isn't funny any more. Now I am talking East Texas 75766
Area. For over the last month and a half it has been over 100° each day, and no rain at all. Weather man says 110° today. Well we did get that 1/4" way back when. I have lived in this area for a long time and surly don't remember it ever being this hot and dry.
I am seeing a lot of very large oak and other trees dieing. I have put water out for the local wildlife and birds. They are drinking, I am having to refill daily. I really don't mind, makes me feel like I am doing something useful. Please pray for rain.
Thanks Bill In Texas
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John said...

Sorry to hear the drought continues. Here's hopping it breaks soon. Good on you for helping our animal friends.