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God Bless America

God Bless America
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Saturday, August 13, 2011

It isn't Raining yet, But

The good news is that the temperature has dropped below 100°. And we have been forecast for rain next 3 Days 20% chance. I know, not much chance but it sounds better than 80% no chance.
 I have been watching the trees and plants dieing for lack of water. When walking on the grass it sounds like you might be walking on corn flakes. I have learned to read the signs of  plant stress pretty well. Watching oak trees, of witch we are loosing many. Oaks have no tap root so they will stress faster than say a pine.
  Back to what I have learned. The first sign is that the leaves will wilt down to conserve water evaporation. Next they will Begin to droop and curl. Then turn yellow then brown. This tree is now a heap of trouble if not dead. I have taken a couple of photos, just to finish my story.

Oak Trees in Trouble August 7th

Same tree August 11th only 4 days later

The green plants in the foreground are watered 3 days each week. This Scene is being repeated over our whole area.
Most being just the oaks. Some maybe 70-80 years old.

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