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God Bless America

God Bless America
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Not a real Rain

Well we haven't gotten a real rain, but we did however get 1/4". I ran outside just to see what it looked like. Damn it was pretty. Total rain time about 20 min.
 But I can tell you I am super pleased. You would of thought it would of been cooler, but didn't happen. Just as soon as it stopped raining steam was coming from the ground.
 All the farm crops are gone. I did manage to grew a few Chiles here at the house garden.  The figs have also done quite well. I guess they like the heat. We have had over 100° each day for the last 30 days. We did water the garden and the figs. I have been making fig preserves and pickling and drying Chiles. I am finding that I like cooking, kinda funny isn't it. I may do a cooking Blog. I am getting to old to farm anyway, or maybe just to tired. Here are some photos of the Chiles and figs. Hope you enjoy them. Bill

Red Ripe JalapeƱos.

Fig Preserves

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