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God Bless America

God Bless America
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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Long Time no Post

OK, I am sorry I have not been updating my blog.
 This has been the worst year for growing we have ever had. Need less to say there has been very little to talk about. Yeah, I could of said something and maybe cried a little. Knowing all a long that it would not help. But I know also that if you have a blog that people read you owe them something.
So what I can tell you it has been a real bitch.
 Stayed cold forever, the ground temp was still 50 deg. in April. We most of the time are setting transplants in April. But it was Mid May by the time we could plant.
Our lake was very low on water, no rain and the lake is fed by rain run off water.
 As of today our pump is setting on dry land. And this is a floating pump. We can pump just enough to keep the plants alive.
 The well that we have, water has dropped so low the pump is sucking air. We can go no deeper with the pump.
 So I can be sure this year is a total waste as far as growing our crops. Maybe next year will be better. Hope your crops have faired better
Weather, extreme drought, hight temp 103 deg. Yeah the ground did warm up,, you can bake bread on it. Thanks for hearing  me rant. Bill in Texas


WeldrBrat said...

Your situation worries me.... as I've watched the past decade and noticed how that scenario is making its way across the country... soon to reach us. Because of this... I have continued riding my husband about getting any kind of water recovery system set up on our property that's possible. I pray that God will intervene and turn things around for the better back there, Bill.

John said...

Sorry to hear your sad news.