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God Bless America
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Friday, November 19, 2010

Pequin Chiles

Its getting colder, so I have moved some of my Chile plants inside. My Chile Pequin plants among them. I have several that are in there fourth year. I love this Chile, its as hot as heck but sure is tasty. I picked what few fruit was left on the plant. Ran them through the dehydrator, destemed and ground them in my spice grinder. I am now set for the winter. I keep a shaker bottle sitting on the table, use it on most everything. Try it Ya gonna like it.

Desteming Chiles

Finished Product


WeldrBrat said...

I had two of these plants growing in 3gal. pots up on my deck a few years ago. Once winter kicked in - peppers remained and the pots were set under window sills. We got to enjoy a kick out of watching Blue Jays and Mockingbirds pigging out on the peppers we'd left for them. They love 'em!

What do you know about the little round ornamental peppers? I remember seeing them back home around this time of year. But I haven't even been able to find them on the net. They came out in various warm colors.

ChileFarmer said...

The wild Chile Pequin here in Texas is sometimes called bird peppers. Because the birds eat them and then scatter the seed around.
The ornamental Chile is called, Christmas,confetti,and fiesta. I think it might be a case of its my plant, I will call it what ever I want. I do know the fruit goes from green,purple orange and then red. Red being ripe. They a re very hot and not real tasty. Bill

John said...

Lookin' good. I have good luck with those plants producing inside in winter. Most others just survive,if that.sefolec

AZroaddust said...

Hello folks (or should I say Howdy!?) I'm new to Texas arriving just one year ago from Phoenix and it is sooo nice to be able to grow something other than cacti again!

I've always wanted my own personal chili farm and so far I have about 6 or seven varieties growing. I've been covering them all the last two nights since we had some prety good frosts. (New Caney area).

I do have a question about Pequin Chilis. Since they are native to TX, I am wondering if a mature plant needs to be shielded from the cold weather or not? I have only 2 so far and both are in the ground but I'm covering them because they were planted only about 2 months ago.

Thanks in advance for your input!