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God Bless America
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Friday, November 12, 2010

Looking Forward

I am looking forward to new things this coming year. I am becoming interested in new Chiles, and different vegetables. I am thinking also about some livestock. Maybe some chickens and rabbits. We already have plenty of wild hogs.
 I think rabbits and chickens would be just right for me. I would not want many. Just enough to have some fresh eggs and some rabbit meat. No pet rabbits.
 I am finding that I have more time here at home now that I am farming less.
Just saying!! If y'all have any comments I would like to hear them. Thanks.


WeldrBrat said...

Your best success will come from a Doe that is a good Mama.

I had Holland Lop Doe named " Huzzie " - she hated men. LOL

BUT - she would allow my 4-yr-old daughter to snatch one of the kits from the nest after they were about a week old. When she was ready for Jen to bring her back - I'd hear Huzzie barking out in her hutch. I know then - and sure enough - Jen would be hiding on the couch with the kit - watching cartoons. LOL

I wouldn't let her rear more than 6 kits every litter. I bred her no more than twice a year.

Cleaning cages of hay/manure and throwing it directly into the right spot turned sand into soil! My gardening looked like it had been reared by a Pro!

A good mama makes good-natured babies. Calm demeanor makes for good meat. Just make sure more than one are butchered at a time - so you lose track of who is who when they go into the freezer.

The intentions are not able to run from the heart. The rabbits will steal your heart! But it's worth it!

ChileFarmer said...

Hey Girl, thanks for your thoughts. I use to raise rabbits many years ago. I sure like rabbit meat. But you know to buy a rabbit in the market is about $9.00 for 1 rabbit. Not for me. CF