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God Bless America

God Bless America
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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Story

I know this is not Chile or farming related. But Christmas is a time we should reflect on maybe what it means to each of us.  We all know that it is Christ Birthday, I haven't a clue as to if the actual day or not.

 As a boy growing up Christmas was very special to me. I am 74 years old and was raised by my grand parents. So the up bringing I got was really from way back, I can tell you right now I enjoyed every minute of it. We were poor as snakes but I didn't know it. I am thinking it was because so was everybody else.
When it came time for a Christmas tree, we headed for the woods. Lots of pine grew in our area, we looked for a small tree or maybe a tree top would catch our eye. After the tree was set up it was time to trim the tree. That what we called putting on the decorations. I am sure we didn't have more than 3 or 4 store bought ornaments. Dogwood, holly and yaupon berries were gathered when we cut the tree. The berries being red were strung with thread and hung on the tree.
 My grandmother would save all the tin foil (aluminum foil) from anything she found. She would do this all year, being so careful to flatten it out smooth. This foil was wrapped around pine cones or sweet gum tree balls, and hung from the tree. Sometimes popcorn was used, as garland witch was also strung on a thread. We did grow corn with always some stalks of popcorn. We had a picture of an angel, It might of come from a calender I am not sure. It was rolled into a cone and placed on the tree top.
 Nope no lights, we didn't have any electric power. But boy, I thought that was the most wonderful thing in the world. It was magical. No presents were placed under the tree, but Christmas morning there they were.
 One special Christmas I remember. I received  an apple and an orange, a pair of red pajamas ( I am sure my grand Mother made them) And a small cast iron truck. The truck was about 4" long no moving parts, just iron. I gotta tell you, I wore that truck out pushing it in the dirt. Wish I had it today, I might still give it a push. Very happy time in my life. Wish I had some photos to post but don't.

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