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God Bless America
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Friday, October 11, 2013

Forward on to next year.

Looks like our growing season is coming to a close. Just have a couple tomato plants hanging on. Our chiles have also about quit. Ok, by me I am kinda tired anyway. I haven't found any new chiles to grow for the coming year. So if anybody has any thoughts on something weird or different I am interested.
 We are looking like rain for tonight, I am happy been one dry summer. Thanks for viewing my blog. Bill


John said...

Hi Bill- I have just a few things left in the garden too- no frost yet which is pretty unusual. I have cut way back but did take pictures of a few - anything interest you?

Mely said...

Thank you for stopping by. Great idea of canning the enchilada sauce. I freeze my adobo sauces to have it handy when cooking meats.

I saw your post about the chiles you grow. I had been looking fro fresh piquin peppers for years. Do you grow them too?

ChileFarmer said...

Mely, sorry to say that now that I have gotten fat and old I have retired from farming. I only grow a garden now but still grow chiles for myself. Wish I was closer I would grow you some piquin chiles. I dry and grind mine use it on everything. I did make your sauce made 11 pints, took your advice and will freeze mine. If I would of canned them I would have to add some citric acid to keep them from spoiling. Didn't want to do that. I just made a new post on my growing site, Added you site, and my photos of the chile sauce. Bill