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God Bless America
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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Strange Growing Season, But we have Padron Chiles.

This has been the strangest growing season I have ever seen. Maybe things are normal in your area, but not here. We started out cold then warm, back and forth, several times. Then got a late frost so lost most all the fruit. And the plants that I did get up just sit there because of the cool nights.
 But I do have my Chiles growing. The Pimento de Padron Chiles have done very well. I started them indoors. Then waited and waited to plant them out. I am now picking them. They are not hot when small but when bigger do pack some heat, maybe a little hotter than a Serrano Chile.
 I find them quite good. I have eaten them raw and roasted. I find that I like them better roasted.
  The plants are tall maybe 3' quite tender and the fruit picks easy, leaving the stem on the fruit. Here is a couple photos.
Tall Plants:

Very Productive:
Fresh Chiles:

Roasted and ready to eat:
Just add some course salt and you have some good eats. Bill


John said...

Looks like you found the seed. Those look very tasty. I grow a frying pepper too and also like that way of eating peppers.

Martin said...

Thanks for posting the pictures of a pimientos de Padron plant. My wife is from a town called Noia about 10 - 12 miles from Padron and when we are over in Galicia I eat them all the time. This year however I have decided to grow them at home in northern England and it is hard to know how they are doing with nothing to compare them with. I planted my seeds indoors on 1st April and put them out last month in pots. I am now getting the first flowers, and just hope that our summer is good enough to get a descent harvest. If I had found your blog earlier I would have planted a lot sooner.