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God Bless America

God Bless America
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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Been busy, but not growing anything

Cold weather has come, garden is gone. We have had some heavy frost and looks like more are coming. I haven't started my Chile seed yet, but do have my potting soil and lights all ready. I also have been praying over the seed catalogs. Just looking to see whats new, so far nothing special. I save most all my own seed for the Chiles. Most are not hybrid anyway.

 Been working on a new blog http://curingandsmoking.blogspot.com/ Being of age and growing up a country boy. I have always enjoyed good sausage, bacon and ham. When growing up we always cured our own pork. I still remember those days, and dang I sure miss them. So that is what I have been busy doing. Building a smokehouse, smoking ham, bacon ,making sausage and all sorts of good stuff. Gonna smoke us a turkey for thanksgiving. I have never smoked a turkey before but have smoked chickens.
 So if anyone is interested check it out. Leave comments, good or bad. I am willing to learn.
Happy Thanksgiving y'all, Bill

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