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God Bless America
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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Are we ready for 2009 crop year

Naw, we are not ready, but we are working on it. Maybe pick what peas we have left next week.
It is almost time to plant onions again, time surly flies when you are having fun. All of our Chiles are gone for the year. The seed people are sending out the catalogs and some are calling on the phone. Wonder what new things they might have this year. I always look forward to the new catalogs, you know just to ponder what might be good.
I am a little spooked on what seed and fertilizer might cost this coming season. And the irrigation supplies. Who knows it may be cheaper this year than last year, well we can dream can't we.
The fields have been mostly all mowed, starting to disc and maybe plant a winter cover crop. It is a little late to plant cover. It never too late for weeds, they are better than nothing, they hold the soil from washing during winter rains.
Got the blueberry field all clean of weed and stuff. maybe a good crop this coming year. Later ya'll

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Anonymous said...

Bill, thanks for the link my friend!!! C2C!!! Cool farming to you and see you on the forum!!!!
Regards, Voo