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God Bless America

God Bless America
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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happenings as of today

We have been very busy with the Chile crop. Production has been very good and the wholesale prices have been steady. We did however loose some JalapeƱo production due to the Salmonella
scare. All the buyers stopper buying JalapeƱos. Just like they did tomatoes.
Managed to kill most of the tomato growers and did put a hurt on the Chile growers as well. Being we a re a small farm didn't hurt us too bad. We did loose several pickings. Mind you there was nothing wrong with the Chiles, just could not sell them.
Oh well we have over come all that (I think).
Our second planting of peas didn't do much, lack of rain was the reason. It has been super dry, but is getting better, rained yesterday and may rain again today.
That means we will try and plant more peas, as soon as it drys enough to get in the field.
Our Habanero crop of Chiles has done great and the price has been super. Looks like we might loose our pickers, they are Moms and school is about to start. Maybe not I hope they can stay they have been really good, Best we have ever had.
We did loose our cooler unit, it burnt up had to get a new one. Cooler man said $6000.00 to replace, so of course I went into sticker shock. You have to sell lot of pepper to pay for that.
I toured the net looking for a better deal of which I didn't find. My monetary rate is still running back in the 50's somewhere. After about 4 days I called the cooler man and said just fix it. And he did, so we are up and running once again. Thanks Ralph.

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