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God Bless America

God Bless America
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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Chile picking

Well, sorry about that, posting that is.
The Chile harvest has started and have been supper busy. Seems like the older I get it doesn't take much to make me super busy.
Any way, I haven't taken any new photos but I will. ( I promise) I know photos make the blog more interesting, It does for me any way I like to see photos. A blog with photos is kinda bland.
We did harvest Banana and Cubanelle Chiles yesterday about 2000 pounds. Was able to sell them, a happy thing. I do however have 900 pounds of Cayenne that nobody wants. I think we all picked Cayenne at the same time.
We are about to plant some more Southern peas, purple hull they sell really good here in our area. Just finished picking the cream peas, they did pretty good. Would of been better had
we received some rain.
Rain, got some night before last, not much but some it was welcome. I could just hear all the plant and trees rejoicing.

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