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God Bless America
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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

An update for 2008

A lot has happen in the last few weeks.
The weather has been wet and cold., we did make it to the greenhouse with seed. So will have baby plants soon.
I have been real sick with the flu, Maybe I am just getting older but this thing has kicked my ass. Only today have I felt like getting up and about.
My Brother passed away also during this time, I was so sick I could not even say good by. He was 17 years younger than myself. I will miss him, he was my only Brother and my friend.
Our onion plants are doing well, That is all we have planted so can't talk about much else. We do have the fields ready to plant.
The next thing will be planting some beans and maybe some sweet corn. The beans will be a sale-able crop and the corn will be for our own use.
Oh, and we did plant a couple of rows collards and turnips. Just for family food.
We have been shopping for a small disc to use between the rows for weed control. Something new to try this year. I hate weeds, we really need to try planting on plastic mulch. I would have to buy new equipment and just don't want to do that right now. Maybe next year. If the sun comes out I can post some new photos.

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Bird Girl said...

A sad entry and a very difficult start of the new year. My thoughts and prayers are with you. As time goes by may it bring you healing and joy, my friend.
- Barb