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God Bless America

God Bless America
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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

First Post 2008

Well the old is out and the new is in. So I am wishing a Happy New Year to all my friends and readers.
This last year has been a good one, I am looking forward to 2008.
I have learned about another site that I think is great. I was reading another blog of one of my farming friends. http://boulderbelt.blogspot.com/ She said, I just bought a Water Buffalo.
My first thought was why would you do that?
Well after going to this link I now know why.http://www.heifer.org/
I think this site is so cool. I just bought some pigs. This is the greatest gift one can give. please check it out.
Farm report
Not much going on so not much to report. I have received all the seeds that were ordered. I can't believe the cost of seed this year. Course my monetary rate is still back in the 1950's some where. Yea, I know I am older than dirt but I did see myself in the mirror this morning, so its gonna be a great day.
Sorry about that my mind wonders sometime. as long as it keeps coming back I'm OK.
The onions are the only thing we have planted and they are looking fine. We will be starting seed in the greenhouse in about 2 weeks. So there will be some new photos soon. More later

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