Time to get seed started.

God Bless America

God Bless America
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Saturday, February 7, 2015

I am sure spring is coming soon?

Time to start thinking Garden.
 Garlic planted in November, its looking good. No photos yet maybe later. Chile plants and a few tomato plants started. As usual got some strange chiles started. I intend to grow more Chile Pequin chiles this year. I have really come to like them quite a lot. Yes they have heat and plenty of it, they also have a nice flavor. The heat is not a long lingering heat.
 My one strange chile is Mira Sol. Not really strange I just haven't grown it in a long while. When dried it is called the  Guajillo chile pronounced “wha – hee – oh”. Mirasol means looking at the sun, because that is the way these chiles grow (straight up). Fire roast one and roll it in a fresh flour tortilla, good eats.

Mirasol Chile: Please note photo from chileplants.com

Chile Pequin:

Very small and very hot.


John said...

Nice looking piquin. Long time before I start seeds

Danny Reyna said...

I have some gorgeous very round chiltepin from Texas if you are interested. I spotted this plant growing along someone's back fence in Wharton, Texas. When I stopped and talked to the owner he was not even aware that they were peppers and edible. The plant was over 7' tall and very prolific. What struck me is the perfectly round pods.
Drop me an address if you are interested in them.