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God Bless America

God Bless America
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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Is Spring close at hand?

Sure looking like spring around our house. We have had some small rains, love it. Trees and plants are wanting to bud out. I am thinking that it may be a little to early. I can tell a large amount of the oak trees are not gonna come back. The Texas drought has gone them in, limbs falling from there tops. I received a letter from the Texas dept. of water resources, suspending my water permit until further notice. The drought has been a bad one. It isn't hurting me too much, our lake we irrigate from is dry. Another sad thing we lost all of our fish. Thats 14 acre feet of water just dried up.
 I still have my potted Chiles in the house, although they are needing some sun. Artificial light works but not as good as the real thing.
I am starting some Chile seed, yeah a little late but better than never. Not growing to much this year. Do have a few new Chile variety's I am trying. Just because I like growing plants. I don't have my list at hand but will post it later. Matter of fact I don't have my list finished.

Really sorry about not posting very often. But when all I can do is complain about the weather, it gets kinda old. Heres hoping something new and exciting  will be coming our way.
Wishing you all a wonderful growing season. Let me know what your growing. Thanks Bill

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John said...

Not here in Maine it's not. I will grow mostly sweet and a few hot peppers that I actually eat- like jalapeno. Also tomatoes, squash ( summer and winter) , beans, bok choy, cukes, salad greens, eggplant, snap peas,limas, kale, cilantro, basil, parsley, and other herbs. I did buy seeds and that lifted my spirits a bit.