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God Bless America

God Bless America
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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Yeah, we got Rain !!!

We did, we really got a shower. Nothing ground shaking but did get 1.5". Made me a very happy camper. I could just hear all the trees and plants sighing with relief. Heck, I was sighing myself and smiling from ear to ear. Saying thank you Lord for the rain.
 Our drought is not broken, by any count. But its a start. We are still under a burn ban. For people living in town this is not a problem. But for us country folks, we always have something that needs burning. I compost all I can, big tree limbs are cut for the fireplace. The rest need to be disposed of (burning). Anyway my pile is getting quite large.
 Farming, not going to happen this coming year. But I will have a garden. I still will be growing my Chiles. Gotta have those. I am thinking about using raised beds. To me it looks like the soil and the plants would be much easier to control. Weeds to could be keep at bay. Anyone with knowledge on raised beds, would really like to hear your thoughts. This photo is not mine, can't remember where I got it. Thanks Bill
This is what I have in mind.

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