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God Bless America

God Bless America
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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sorry About that.

Sorry about not posting sooner. We have been so busy. I think every piece of equipment we have has broken down in the last 3 weeks. But you know what they say when it rains it pours.
Or something like that, any way you know what I mean.

Pea crop did not do as well as expected, even after the rain showers we have had. But one just sucks it up and keeps on plugging.

The yellow squash has saved us it has done real well. We will plant another crop in the next few days. Might also try another crop of peas. I think we have time for them to make before frost.

Who knows, the way the weather has been we may not even have frost this winter. (but I would not bet on it)

Here is a photo of one of the squash patches.

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