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God Bless America

God Bless America
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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dry In My World

I am not going to complain, Yeah I am. Guys and Gals we need rain really bad. I know some places are wishing it would dry out. But not in my world.
You know the peas I have been bragging about, well they are just about dried up. Sad part is they were looking so good. The first ones planted, might get a picking, the last ones I don't think will make at all.
And the blueberries are drying on the plants even with water. We just can't pump enough water to keep them going.
Chiles, we have not harvested a single pepper, we do water them but its just not the same. Although with irrigation they are growing, now if we could just keep the deer from eating them all would be OK. Here are a few photos of what looks best, I would not want you to see the bad ones. It might make you not want to plant your crops.
First Planted Peas.

Habanero Chiles.

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