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God Bless America

God Bless America
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Monday, February 11, 2008

This photo was taken 3-12-08
As you can see the growth is coming along really nice. We may be able to pull some spring onions in about 2 weeks. (weather permitting).
There has been lots of rain, we really need to plow but is just too wet. Course ya'll know farmers are never happy, (well almost never)
I am happy with this crop of onions. It is almost time to plant, beans just need the ground to be a little warmer. If we plant too early the seed may rot.

Report 2-11-08 As you can see in the photos below the onions are doing very well. I truly hope that they continue. I am on my way to the greenhouse to check on the baby pepper plants. I will take my camera, It is pretty cloudy so don't know how the photos will turn out. If they are any good I will post them. I may post them anyway. More rain coming today, we need it.


Bird Girl said...

Too bad we don't live close - I love most of what you grow...blueberries, sweet onions and I love peppers (as long as they are not too HOT!!!)

. . . Dallas Meow . . . . >^^< . . . said...

73 today - with a high expected tomorrow of . . .
You have this freakiness in your part o'Texas too?
I can just smell those delish onions!